Alignment Assessments


Relationships between the Board and management can be fraught with challenges not least of which is misalignment regarding the role of the Board vs. management and the strategic direction of the organization. A third party check-in to assess the level of core alignment can be an effective tool in uncovering issues and exploring unconstructive assumptions.

Board dynamics are also a source of potential friction if difficult behaviour or deep rifts are allowed to fester.

“A third party objective appraisal enables open and frank discussions in a productive and potentially more constructive manner.”

Typically a combination of phone or in-person interviews and online surveys are used based on a set of foundational and tailored questions. The results offer the Board and or Board and management a clear window on keys issues standing in the way of more productive interactions and meetings. Findings and the determination of ‘next steps’ are typically shared and committed to in facilitated sessions.