Business Consulting & Facilitation


We have highlighted modules given our focus on these fundamental building blocks and we recognize that your specific needs may stretch beyond these areas. We have a breadth of entrepreneurial and corporate experience that can be customized to consulting services contracts for your organization’s unique situation. Many of our consulting engagements have taken a different path. If you’re not sure if we can help, please contact us and if we can’t, we would be delighted to suggest alternative resources.

Vision & Values

We walk you quickly through the concepts 
and slowly through the development 
of your organization’s painted picture 
of its successful self…

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We support the constant use of 
objectives before commitment to action 
or application of resources…

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Business Models

Facilitated workshops using the Business 
Model Canvas generate new insights that 
can feed into the strategic direction 
and priorities of an organization…

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Alignment & Execution

Alignment is in essence the synchronization 
of efforts toward a common purpose…

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Strong leadership guides an organization 
toward the vision while delivering upon the 
shorter-term goals in a manner consistent 
with the organization’s values…

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Our approach and complement of resources can be tailored to your needs and means.

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Board Performance


We have both practical firsthand and supporting role experience with Board performance. Based on Institute of Corporate Directors certification and experience on not-for-profit, family, private, cooperative and public Boards, we take an applied approach in enabling Boards to become ‘high performing’. Our experience includes time served as Chair, Lead Director and Committee Chair of Governance & Nominations, Human Resources & Compensation and Finance & Audit as well as special ad hoc and steering taskforces.

“We take an applied approach in enabling Boards to become 
’high performing’.”

Board related consulting engagements have spanned evaluations, alignment assessments and governance structure and support. Clients have varied from social enterprises to large credit unions.

Board Evaluations

We have the ability to undertake a light 
touch or a rich, deep dive and to evolve 
the process with the appetite and level 
of maturity of the Board…

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Alignment Assessment

A third party check-in to assess the 
level of core alignment can be an effective 
tool in uncovering issues and exploring 
unconstructive assumptions…

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Structure & Support

Efforts are focused on reviewing current 
structure and processes with an eye toward 
enhanced use of time and talent…

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Executive Coaching


At RMI, executive coaching is a thought-provoking discovery process toward an individual’s full potential. Our coaching is predicated on a belief that individuals are capable of generating their own solutions with coaching support through active listening, powerful questioning and frameworks. Through this confidential and experiential relationship, the client gains a fresh perspective on underlying beliefs and refreshed strategies leading to improved professional performance and personal well-being.

My purpose is to support and challenge others to live to their full potential.

“My coaching approach leverages the Royal Roads ‘engage, enlighten, empower and excel’ platform while marrying theory and process with practical insights and frameworks as deemed helpful by clients. I am a self-confessed ‘non-pure’ coach. My clients tend to prefer that! If that’s the type of practical coaching you’re seeking, let’s see if we’re a fit.”

As a certified executive coach through Royal Roads University, I bring over 30 years of start-up, entrepreneurial, corporate and consulting experience gained across a wide array of organizations and industries. Roles included director and VP level positions inside mid sized and large North American companies and a whirlwind $0 to $40M start-up with over 1,000 employees. Certification through the Institute of Corporate Directors underpins my participation on corporate, private, public and not-for-profit Boards. My results driven orientation was honed on the Canadian National Ski Team and allows me to believe in the dreams and greatness of others.

As a coach, I work with enthusiastic individuals who want the best for themselves, their organization or team and society. My coaching engages people who are driven to do more and be better. This taps into my eclectic background as a team member, leader, executive, consultant, athlete, parent and Board director. A love of variety and desire to help others connect, contribute and challenge themselves fuels my coaching relationships. The courage to challenge others – no matter what “level” is put to good use!

Coaching is one of the ways in which I can be in service of others and “positively propel potential”. What’s your potential?